The North-American anti-rape movement was started with the women’s liberation movement of the 1960’s. Women gathered in groups and began discussing their common experiences. They realized the impact that the experience of rape, and the fear of sexual violence had on the lives of women.

Women established Rape / Sexual Assault Crisis Centres (SACC’s) throughout the province in response to the lack of appropriate, supportive services for rape survivors in the healthcare / mental health, social service, and justice systems.

In Chatham-Kent, with the assistance of the Sexual Assault Centre in Sarnia, a small group of volunteers established the Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Centre on October 3, 1985. The tiny office was staffed primarily by volunteers, their efforts coordinated by one part-time employee. This was made possible through a small seed grant from the United Way.

In October of 1990, the Chatham-Kent SAC was incorporated as the Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (CKSACC). CKSACC is now funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General – Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division.

Over the years, SACC’s have responded to changing needs of survivors as they have identified their experiences not only of rape, but incest, child and/or adult sexual abuse, sexual harassment, date rape, and other forms of sexualized violence.

SACC’s have been instrumental in effecting change in laws regarding matters related to gendered violence.

For more information, see CKSACC Recognizing 25 Years of Services & Activism 1985-2010.

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