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Has it Been too Long to Press Charges?

quotes7Often times women who are survivor’s of sexual abuse wonder if it is too late to contact the police and move forward with charges.

There is absolutely no statute of limitations on Sexual Assault/Abuse, meaning you may report to police regardless of how much time has passed. This being said it can be more difficult to move forward with a case that involves historical abuse. Many factors effect the Police and Crown Attorney in laying charges and going forward in the Justice System. Some of these factors may include:

  • Current information about the abuser, for example, do you know who the perpertrator was?
  • Lack of forensic evidence
  • Lack of witnesses or people who can support the information you have given them
  • Lack of medical records
  • The victims ability to recall details and act as a witness in court

All of these issues are something that you can discuss with the appropriate support people.

At the Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Crisis Centre we provide information and support. You decide what choice is best for you.

Read more information about getting medical care.

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